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Upskilling is a workplace trend that facilitates continuous learning by providing training programs and development opportunities that expand an employee's


Copy of registration Certificate and Service Tax number must be enclosed. (ii) The firms who are doing the AMC work of Ministries/Department of Central

IT Operations

Information technology operations - more commonly referred to as IT operations, or ITOps - is the process of implementing, managing, delivering and supporting IT services to meet the business needs of internal and external users.


Documentation consists of documents which provide proof or evidence of something, or are a record of something.

IT Implementation

involves the installing of a new software product, the upgrading of an existing one, or conversion to a different product, into the information services system within an organization.

Financial Inclusions

Financial inclusion is a method of offering banking and financial services to individuals

System Integration(SI)

An enterprise that specializes in implementing, planning, coordinating, scheduling, testing, improving and sometimes maintaining a computing operation.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks

Data Analytics

This includes online insurance marketplaces, digital insurance platforms, and innovative insurance products leveraging data analytics and automation

AI Implementation

AI implementation requires considerable investment in the team. The team typically consists of data engineers, data scientists & domain experts